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Access Our Proven System to Help You Set Your
Appointments on Automation

What if there was a system that would allow you to set appointments on automation

without spending a dime on ads or having to hire an expensive

marketing agency?

What if there was a system that took the tedious hassle out of generating leads, so you can focus on the work you really care about?


There is.

How would it feel to generate 3-5 new appointments everyday with highly-qualified leads without throwing away any more of your time, that you already can’t afford to spare? What if you we are able to do that without spending any ad money?

Do Any of These Feelings
Sound Like You?

You are overstretched.

You have an awesome business, but you don’t have the time to constantly chase new clients. You have great products and services, but you’re having a hard time getting them into the hands of clients who need them.

You are discouraged.

Nothing seems to be working! You feel like you’ve tried everything, but your sales are inconsistent every month.

You are too busy.

As an entrepreneur coach or consultant you barely have enough time to check off all the items on your to-do list, let alone add yet another task!

You aren’t reaching the right people.

You post on social media, but you are not seeing the conversions you’re hoping for. You need a new approach that will actually get you more appointments.

You are stuck.

You are overwhelmed by the huge task of getting your message out and don’t know what to do next. You ask yourself, again and again, what do I do now?

Let’s be REAL. You don’t need another thing to do.

You need a system that will

deliver real RESULTS.

You need a system that will connect you with
your ideal audience so you can make more sales!

Take a moment to imagine how much more time and energy you would have if you stopped spending countless hours reaching out to uninterested people, and instead reach potential clients. Imagine all of the ways you could reinvest that time to better serve yourself, your customers and your business.

Imagine a system that…

  • Targets up to 300 potential clients EVERY DAY
  • Does the heavy lifting of targeting and positioning you with the right audience
  • Takes away the pressures of spending thousands of hours searching for leads and instead sets appointments on automation, for you!

So you can…

  • Easily grow your client base
  • Grow your audience by four digits every month
  • Make more connections that promote you and your business
  • MAKE MORE MONEY by closing more deals
  • Have MORE time to spend on what you do best

If you’re ready to incorporate any (or all) of these perks into your life, then let us introduce you to the ace up our sleeve - our Appointments on Automation Program.

Appointments on Automation is our step-by-step online program and community that will teach you the most effective techniques to reach your ideal clients. Now, you can stop wasting countless hours searching for new clients and instead reach highly targeted audiences, make more connections with potential clients and rapidly grow your business. You’ll get access to the same strategies that our team and students use to reach their target audiences and build their businesses online.

This proven program....

  • Is the same program that is used by our students to book their appointment calendars solid with interested potential clients.
  • Is the same system that each member of our sales team uses to set 30-40 appointments on automation per week with highly qualified and targeted leads.

Here’s the bottom line:

WE USE THIS SYSTEM TOO! That is why we TRULY believe in it!

When you buy this exclusive program you’ll be getting access to our niche strategies and you’ll receive access to a community of individuals who have also found success using these strategies.

Take a look at a few of our success stories, using this Appointments on Automation program:

Before Appointments on Automation I was relying on networking, referrals, and organic social media strategies. My business growth was inconsistent and I was looking for a predictable way to find more clients.

Not only did this program help me book my calendar solid, but it also allowed me to fill my live event with people from all around the country. I have had more consistency now then I ever had before and I totally recommend this to anyone who is looking to find more targeted clients online.

Abi Levine,

CEO of The Emotional Intelligence Society

Before Appointments on Automation I was trapped in the traditional style of marketing online. I was posting content everyday, relying on networking and referrals.

This program has got me so many meetings that it caused a wave of growth in my income I’ve never seen in my business before. I 1,000% recommend it.

Wendy Mendoza,

CEO of The Social Creative Hub

Abi Levine,

CEO of The Emotional Intelligence Society

Wendy Mendoza,

CEO of The Social Creative Hub

Oh, and one more thing, these strategies have been tested, proven and can’t be found anywhere else. These unique techniques can only be found right here, in our Appointments on Automation program.

Let me take a minute to tell what our life and business were like before we developed and used the Appointments on Automation program.


We were overworked! We tried every outreach method we could think of, but nothing seemed to be working! We weren’t reaching the right people.


We were overtired. The harder we worked, the less motivated we felt. It was beyond disappointing to see that none of our hard work was paying off in our business.


We were overwhelmed! We took so many courses with mixed information that we didn’t know where to begin.

We kept asking ourselves, how do other online business owners do it? How do they have time to target their clients, develop relationships, post content, make calls, sell their products, AND devote time to all the other tasks that come with running a business.

We knew there had to be a faster
and more effective way.

When we discovered what is now my Appointments on Automation Program, we discovered how to 10x the amount of potential customers we could reach, every single day. I knew our business was changed forever. So we WENT IN. We studied the system, perfected our practices, and became experts, learning absolutely everything we could about targeting ideal clients, converting them into paying clients and we did it all without spending a dime on ads.

We created the program that completely grew and enhanced Our business. The program that we know can enhance your business too.

This very same program has allowed us to:

  • Add multiple 6 figures to our bottom line
  • Save money on wasted ad budgets
  • Provide our sales team a never-ending source of appointments
  • Pack our events with attendees completely on automation and so much more!

If It’s such a high-impact solution

why doesn’t everyone else know about it?

We asked ourselves the same question. The truth is... Most people are unaware of the systems we use.

  • We use one of the most effective tools to help you grow your business online that most people would not have access to if it wasn’t for our trainings.
  • Our program will help you set more appointments on automation, but it still requires strategies and sales scripts to most effectively utilize and maximize this system.
  • With our Appointments on Automation Formula, you will be equipped with step-by-step guidance on how to approach, connect with, and sell to new clients.
  • You’ll be walked through my training to teach you our proven strategies.
  • check-circle-o
    You’ll have a community to support and encourage you.
  • check-circle-o
    You’ll be in position to set more appointments, make more sales, and ensure the future success of your business.

Here is what you will
Learn in my Appointments on Automation Course:


How to most effectively target the most ideal clients using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram


How to utilize the right tools to ensure you are maximizing your amount of business connections


How to effectively set appointments every single day


How to utilize the right tools to ensure you are maximizing your amount of business connections


How to leverage the support of virtual assistants


How to make sales without running ads


How to grow your community and get more clients faster and with less work


With this program, I will pull back the curtain and show you the front and backends of our exact sales process.

Now, It’s Time 
To Make A Choice.

Will you continue to waste hundreds of hours doing tedious work that distracts you from what you’re passionate about?


Will you take the step that will take you to the next level of your business?

Meet the awesome online marketer who created this program:

"Hi there, I’m Adam and I’ve taught students all across the country in my online courses, workshops and seminars. I love helping entrepreneurs get results as quickly as possible so they can get to their goals faster and make a lucrative income doing it.

Things were not always this way. I struggled for many years trying to get my story and message out into the world. It took countless efforts on learning how to put together the pieces of the puzzle on my own. It wasn’t until I became so frustrated that I began to reach out for help.

I had some really great coaches and mentors that showed me the ropes. I believe this program can really help you get the results you have been waiting for. Heck, you may even find that you get better results than me. It wouldn’t be the first time my students took my training and build great success beyond what I imagined.

I look forward to working with you so we can make this thing happen for you! "

Who is Appointment
on Automation For?

Who is Appointments
on Automation For?

Anyone who wants to make more sales and gain more clients, without doing more work.

Anyone who wants to rapidly get new clients into their programs, services, seminars or workshops and make sales, all through automation.

Anyone who needs to make a change and grow their business, now.

Anyone who is tired of trying to figure it out on their own and wants a proven system that actually works.

Who is Appointment
on Automation For?

  • It’s not for anyone who isn’t ready to follow through after appointments are set,  get on the phone or zoom call and put in the work it takes to make a sale.
  • It’s not for someone who thinks that one day they can just click a button and money will fall into their bank account.
  • If that is you, this course is probably not a good fit for you.

If You’re

We don’t offer refunds. We don’t want you to come in to the program planning your exit because there is a refund date available. We want you to commit to the material so you can get results.

We'll give all the tools you need so that you can set appointments on automation, to get on the phone and SELL. The truth is we can’t guarantee you’ll succeed in selling with every appointment you set. However, we will help provide the tools and scripts that will help you win! That we promise.


How long will I have access to this course?

You will have lifetime access! How cool is that!? You’ll get unlimited access to this course so you can implement these proven strategies, again and again.

How is the course content delivered?

The good news is that it’s not a boring slideshow with a monotone voice over. Nope. Not at all! You get to watch video and screen-sharing trainings AND you’ll receive live coaching from our awesome team members, who also use our Appointments on Automation technology.

Could I find this content online for free?

If we could have found this content online for free, we would have been successful a long time ago. we're willing to bet you could not find my course content paired with our proven expertise, anywhere online.

This is a big step of faith for me. Is it really worth the price?

We completely understand the stress of a financial stretch, but this step is an investment in your future and your business you will learn in this course. Our goal is to help you make your investment back and more!

I’m Ready to Get
More Clients

I want to start setting more appointments on automation!